Best Web Hosting | which is a great web hosting company and How to Choose the best web hosting?

 who is the best web host provider with all good features, fast, flexible and powerful for a cheap price and how do find them?

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Technology gives the best opportunities to get everything on this planet. Most people like to become millionaires through business. It's a good way to achieve our goals but we’ve to choose our steps well. Most entrepreneurs and businessmen (NGO & NON-NGO) are using websites to tell about themselves and their services global. Maybe you think your business is a small shop so why need to have a website? Great questions but successes hiding behind these questions. Most people if they need something first of all google it and then find the right shop for it. And also they looking for professional shops means who live on the internet.

Anyway, I hope you guys, you get some tips on why need a website for your business.

Although, the term web hosting name can be hard to understand for those who have not dealt with it. In this topic, we will learn step-by-step each of them.

Let’s jump on the topic below,

What’s Web Hosting and how does it work?

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Simply, Web hosting is the service of making a website accessible to all computers on the World Wide Web (WWW). Once your website is hosted, all users can type its domain name (like, or in their browser, and they will visit it. The hosting provider gives your site storage space on a server and related services.

Normally, you can host the website yourself. But you need extensive technical skills. Self-hosting entails setting and configuring a web server from scratch. Including infrastructure, equipment, hardware and software etc. And also if you want to maintain them, it’ll cost you more.

So, it is better to buy web hosting from our site which gives everything for your website needs.

Web hosting has three types such as:

Shared Hosting:

Its multiple users share the same server resource, including memory, storage space, speed server and processing power. Share web hosting is an excellent solution for small and professional businesses. And also a suitable solution for beginners who don’t know about it.

Virtual Privet Server (VPS) Hosting:

Generally, the Website also shares a physical server with other users, but the web host creates a virtual partition for each user. Thus, sites hosted on virtual private servers get an allocated amount of resources.

VPS hosts special options for medium-size businesses and E-Commerce shops and large Blogs with a rapid increase in the number of visitors. So it must be faster and more flexible. Contabo gives the fast, flexible and powerful VPS for just $6.99/month

Dedicated Hosting:

It’s also a physical server for each website. And allow you to configure the server, choose the operating system, and software and customize the entire hosting environment to your specifications.

The dedicated server is more powerful than having its on-site server. It’s ideal for large online businesses that deal with heavy traffic.

Web–Hosting has more types like this but these are the most useable and popular ones.

How to choose the best Web-Hosting? And who are the best Host Providers?

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Without the best web hosting, you never keep your website popular which means if your website grows you must hold the best Webhosting services.

Some web hosting companies will build your entire website, while others will just give you the plot of land and the shovel and leave you to it. Depending on your business model and size, you’ll choose a hosting company based on the factors explained below.

· Bandwidth

This is the main point to mind before shopping the Web Hosting service and it evaluates the disk space and bandwidth needs. Because, if you own a fashion shop or restaurant or other business you want to keep lots of features on your website such as graphics, dozens of pages, and a large number of traffic. So, you’re going to need decent bandwidth and disk space.

Most web hosting has the best bandwidth even the best one I recommend to you that is Contabo. I talk about it crystal clear on my blog by honest review. Here we’ll know what Contabo has bandwidth. One of the Contabo users said on his Reddit post, he said that he has a VPS plan that is flexible and fast and cheap at $6.99/month but when he got more traffic to his website he got one mail from Contabo. In that mail, (Unlimited traffic: No additional costs due to traffic, you can use 100 Mbit/s without any bandwidth restrictions or throttling. (Only in case your server has an uplink faster than 100 Mbit/s: If average traffic consumption continuously exceeds 100 Mbit/s over a timespan of at least 9 days the connection is switched to 100 Mbit/s).

Normally, you can understand how bandwidth at Contabo is.

· Uptime

Uptime is the percentage of time that a hosting service is up and running, which will be guaranteed by various companies with a certain percentage of time to be up. If your web hosting does not has good quality uptime that seriously impacts your business and customer trust. And also most poor web hosting has frequent and unexpected downtime, if you see this hosting please stay away from that. Mostly the best web hosting has 98 or 99 per cent uptime. So, you can find the best hosting from uptime. Blue host and HostGator have 99.98%.

· Compatibility

In the excitement of looking for a web hosting provider, you might overlook one critical fact an operating system that is supported. No one not going to want to switch operating systems, so double-click this point before settling for a provider.

· Technical Specifications

Apart from choosing your best web hosting with storage, processing power and bandwidth. You should need other features to run the website smoothly.

At Hostinger servers operate on CloudLinux technologies to speed up.


· Security

Another essential concern is the security features in your web hosting. If you choose your web hosting without knowing about their security that be a bigger mistake. You must need to check the firewall, daily backup, and user authentication included.

· cPenal

cPenal very helpful and easy to manage the hosting account without having to log in to the web host server. Thus, it is best to go with web hosts that provide an easily manageable user interface for users of all skill levels to work with.

· Customer Support

It’s most useful and helpful to beginner level people means that they have not dealt with web hosts before. Every newbie needs to clear some issues or need some support from host experts for installation or other things. While they want to contact with web host support team 24/7/365. Otherwise, the user going to face issues in his business by delay to fix the problem. Most web host companies did not have proper support services. So, please avoid these hosts that are better for your business/entity.

· Load Time

Everyone understands what is the load time right? Normally, you want to keep the fast web hosting without loading the page, if it will load your website page visitor never read or stay on your site because your competitor has the best Webhosting to their site be fast. So, visitors shift to another web page. We are concerned as fast web hosting is 360ml load time for pages like Contabo web hosting and Hostinger also.

· Additional Service

A great hosting offers excellent value for money if it contains free add-ons and features such as an SSL certificate, Snapshot, DDoS Protection, Full DNS management Content delivery network etc.

Which one is the great Web Hosting?

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The world has more web hosting but some of the web hostings are popular and rare hosting has the above elements. Small businesses looking for cheap Web Hosting but that should include all the above. Mostly, restaurant industries, Fashion Industries and online IT services so on.

I recommend you to get Contabo Web Hosting. Contabo is an award-winning host, Based in Germany, Contabo was formed in 2003 as Giga-International, specializing in hosting packages and dedicated servers. The company now has 5,000 servers in two data centres, Munich and Nuremberg. Now you can get it all over the world and they have located the server in 8 countries, 5 regions and global availability. Honestly, I Reviewed the Contabo on my blog and everything without any missing, don’t worry they give a 14-days money-back guarantee.

Contabo’s self-service tools allow you to open up an account and get started immediately, with Virtual Privet Server (VPS) and Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). It also offers colocation services and reasonably priced domain names. Contabo has a free SSL certificate for all domains.

Skip wasting your time, let’s start what is it?

Virtual Privet Server (calling Cloud VPS) [4.4/5.0]

Contabo offers a fast, flexible and powerful cloud instance for creating a high-value website for your business. VPS’s plans are equipped with DDoS protection and snapshot technology. And also can choose OS distribution per installation on the server and pick cPenal. But you need to pay for cPenal and Plesk, Lamp, Lamp add Webmin and Docker for free. You can get some applications for free such as Domain, Theme, and Templet.

Recently, Contabo has upgraded its VPS with faster NVMe storage. Yet you still have a choice. You can pick NVMe if you need high performance, though resources will be fewer. Meanwhile, SSD is still an option and storage limits are very generous.

Cloud VPS special one is price plan, it has 4 Price plans.

1. VPS S: $6.99/month, 4 vCPU Cores, 8 GB RAM, 50 GB NVMe (or 200 GB SSD), 1 Snapshot, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Incoming)

2. VPS M: $11.99 / month, 6 vCPU Cores, 16 GB RAM, 100 GB NVMe (or 400 GB SSD), 2 Snapshots, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Incoming)

3. VPS L: $19.99 / month, 8 vCPU Cores, 30 GB RAM, 200 GB NVMe (or 800 GB SSD), Snapshots, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Incoming)

3 VPS XL: $34.99 / month, 10 vCPU Cores, 60 GB RAM, 400 GB NVMe (or 1.6 TB SSD), Snapshots, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Incoming)

VPS plans can be further customized with the addition of a Plesk or cPanel/WHM license, a solution for backups, or around-the-clock monitoring services. As always, Contabo plans include virus scanning and DDoS protection, which recognizes 99% of all attacks.

Coupled with a below-standard 95% network uptime guarantee, can give the impression of substandard service instead of lean and streamlined business practices. Marketing Manager Markus Heimerl promised us that Contabo delivers the expected rate of 99.9% uptime but puts the lower figure in the Terms of Service agreement. Full DNS management via the Contabo Control Panel. Purchase domains from us or bring your own.

Virtual Dedicated Server (Cloud VDS) [4.5/ 5.0]

It's Powerful dedicated compute instances for incentive workload, instantly deploy cloud virtual machines with dedicated RAM, CPU and 100% enterprise NVMe storage.

It has the same VPS features and other installations.

VDS has 5 Prices Plans,

1. VDS S (10% SAVE) : $44.99 / month, 3 Physical Cores (AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz), 24 GB RAM, 180 GB NVMe (More storage available), 250 Mbit/s Port, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Available)

2. VDS M: $59.99 / month, 4 Physical Cores (AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz), 32 GB RAM, 240 GB NVMe (More storage available), 500 Mbit/s Port, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Available)

3. VDS L: $89.99 / month, 6 Physical Cores (AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz), 48 GB RAM, 360 GB NVMe (More storage available), 750 Mbit/s Port, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Available)

4. VDS XL: $119.99 / month, 8 Physical Cores (AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz), 64 GB RAM, 480 GB NVMe (More storage available), 1 Mbit/s Port, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Available)

5. VDS XXL: $168.99 / month, 12 Physical Cores (AMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz), 96 GB RAM, 720 GB NVMe (More storage available), 1 Mbit/s Port, 32 TB Traffic or Bandwidth (Unlimited Available)

Customers have their choice of Linux or Windows operating system and have unrestricted root access. Operating installations, along with hard or soft reboots, can be performed seamlessly through the account management interface, or site administrators can opt to set up a control panel for other services. Full DNS management via the Contabo Control Panel. Purchase domains from us or bring your own.

· And also, full root or admin access, has good choices such as cPenal, Plesk, Webmin, Docker & Proxmox, Windows or Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and opens USE). There are available options for managing the services, monitoring and notification.

Customer Support

Contabo offers the best way to reach Contabo’s support team via phone call and email between 8 a.m to 11 p.m CEST. They are keeping 3 support centres for their customer 24/7/364, they win the award for customer support. This way is really helpful because if you face any emergency on your web host you can call via phone they will connect to the centre and fix your issues via call or another way within minutes. Usually, it is easy for a beginner to mean than one who has not dealt with a host before.

Contabo’s Security

As Contabo offers unmanaged servers, it doesn’t offer the full stack of security solutions. But, the measures that are offered are very handy. Plus, the provider’s data centre security is excellent as well.

Contabo’s Technical Specification

Ubuntu, Windows, CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian, OpenSUSE, AlmaLinux and RockyLinux.

Additional services of VPS and VDS,


We use brand new AMD EPYC™ processers built to handle intensive workloads.

Generous Traffic

Get 32 TB of outgoing and unlimited inbound data transfer with a connection speed between 200 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s.

High-End Storage

The storage for our VPS comes from well-known manufacturers. Choose between SSD and super-fast NVMe with the option to extend capacity.

Web Interface

You can manage all your services and account via a web interface called the Customer Control Panel.


Automate and manage cloud resources via API or directly from a terminal using the Contabo CLI.

DevOps Features

Deploy efficiently with cloud features such as custom images, cloud-init and SSH keys.

DevOps FeaturesNew

Deploy efficiently with cloud features such as custom images, cloud-init and SSH keys.


Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Purchase additional IPs should you need any.


Full DNS management via the Contabo Control Panel. Purchase domains from us or bring your own.

DDoS Protection

Our infrastructure is protected at the network level. You can rest assured that your instances will be resilient to the most popular attacks.

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