What is Affiliate Marketing and how it work?

 In the 21st century, Billions of people spend time with the internet for many reasons such as making money online, news and online purchases so on. From this we can understand the Internet is the best marketplace to sell anything with trustworthiness to the customers and without a big investment, you can start the business.

However, if you randomly selected affiliate marketing to make money online but you didn’t get a single penny yet because of your ignorance about knowing what is affiliate marketing. And maybe you guys heard about affiliate marketing but I am pretty sure you haven’t completely understood and you never got the answer for all of your questions, isn’t it?  I am 100% sure you will be complete from this affiliate marketing guide and you can generate the best income every single month without hardness while sleeping from it.

Around the world have 81% of brands (merchant/advertiser) have an affiliate program and increased affiliate marketing passive income incentivizes those publishers (Affiliate) 84% that perform better (in US affiliate marketing reach $6.8 billion per year business, so just think about the whole world revenue of affiliate marketing, it is pretty large right? Yep). 

“This topic will help you to know about affiliate marketing step by step no need to spend a single penny, it's fully free. If you are an affiliate please don’t lie to the audience that is never worth it for you, tell the truth to your audience, and choose the best and useful products for the customer. In my, post doesn’t have any earn proof like others because I can create and show you a fake portfolio like them. Really you don't need that because if affiliate marketing doesn’t worth it nobody talks about it right? From it, you can understand it is worth it for you all. So, you need details about affiliate marketing to start up a new affiliate journey to earn money and how to plan to succeed it as well”

Please don’t skip because of the usual heading, under this heading you can learn new matters and ideas.

This blog will you give the best knowledge about:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How Affiliate Marketing works?
  • How does Affiliate get paid?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing worth it?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing easy to do?
  • Pros and cons
  • Conclusion

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also an online sort of marketing strategy. Simply say, the way of affiliates make money is by getting a commission for promoting the company’s or individual’s products or services on the affiliate’s website, blogs, and social Media (products or services reviews). The affiliate marketing industry does not accept any further requirements such as graduate or high school diploma so on. Just need computer and skills to promote and gain traffic for sale the products and services. If you have these all, you can earn $2000 to $5000 or more per month that depending on your work.

For example: if you promote the affiliate marketing course on your blog or social media, your blog’s visitors will buy that course through your affiliate links, and then you will get a commission for that sale. Most brands are offering more than 50% commission per sale {if the affiliate marketing course value is $250, you can earn $125 per sale, and if 50 people buy this course you will earn $6,250}. So, if you want to earn money from affiliate marketing you want to gain more traffic on your promoting platform.

How Affiliate Marketing works?

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to be a successful affiliate in this industry, you must know how affiliate marketing works.

Step 1: Affiliates find the quality products/services from the believable merchant via affiliate network and promote that product’s/service’s URL link on the affiliate’s website or Social Media.

Step 2: Customers will get the best knowledge and features about products/services from the affiliate’s link.

Step 3: Then customers will reach the official page of the merchant’s products/services page through that link and if customers feel that products/services will be useful to them, they will be purchasing that.

Step 4: Finally, the affiliate will get the commission for each sale from the merchant via the affiliate network.

So, affiliate marketing works by spreading the duty of products/services marketing and creation through parties. Talented affiliate manages their marketing techniques to sell the product and services and share the profit of the merchant.

This industry has key players as follows:


Also known as a merchant, advertiser, retailer, seller, and product creator. Simply say, the brand is a name, term, design, and symbol so on that identifies the other person’s products/services as distinct from those other sellers.

For Example, Merchant will sell their products/services to a new audience by paying the affiliate. (E-commerce, real state or amazon products so on).


The network contains the offers for the affiliate to promote merchants’ products/services and also take care of the affiliate payments. Affiliate networks such as CJ, Digistore24, JV zoo, amazon associates, etc.

For Example, the network is the connector of the affiliates and merchants. That means affiliate networks help to sell the merchant's products/services by the affiliate. They will be using the marketing strategy to sell or promote merchants' products/services via blogs or other social platforms. Finally, the affiliate network will collect the commission from the merchant for each sale and pay it back to the affiliate.


Also known as Publisher. Affiliate is marketing the merchant or seller’s products/services appealing way to potential customers.

For Example, affiliates promote the individual or company’s products or services to the potential customer that it is valuable or beneficial to them and convince them to buy that products or services through their article or perfect reviews on blogs or social media.


Normally, everyone knows who is the customer so no need for more explanation about them. Every individual must be a customer at the movement of their life.

Affiliates often have the most respectable audience on their website or blog or social media. Publisher will promote the best products/services to those who want those products/services among their audience and audience will be convinced by affiliate’s article or reviews, who are purchase those products/services, we are calling customer.

How does Affiliate get paid?

Affiliate Marketing

A faster and subterfuge method of generating money without the hassle of actually selling a product, most of the affiliate programs (Network) pay the commissions once per month, some of the affiliate network pay per quarter. Rare affiliate networks also pay only when an affiliate's total earnings reach a certain amount.

Customer doesn’t like to purchase products/services from affiliates because some of the affiliates don’t have enough knowledge about affiliate marketing and they promote without knowing about the merchant’s product quality. But don’t worry guys we will help you to start up the best affiliate marketing with strength full knowledge and how to choose the best affiliate program. Keep touch and read all affiliate marketing tips with Meg Eye’s services.

Hence, their affiliate gets paid in various ways:

Pay Per Sale:

This is a standard affiliate marketing structure, it pays commission once per month to the affiliate. Digistro24, CJ, Click Bank, and amazon associate so on affiliate programs are examples for pay per sale arrangements. Most affiliates are choosing this affiliate marketing way to earn potential income. Here, every affiliate gets the percentage of the sale price of the products/services as a commission from the merchant when a customer purchased those products /services as a result of affiliate marketing strategies.


2.    Pay Per Click:

Very easy to earn money from this affiliate program, affiliates get a commission from merchants based on the number of visitors who click available links on the affiliate’s website or social media to come to the merchant's website. But doesn’t matter to affiliate the visitors (customers) purchase or not something from the merchant. For example, by you promote commissionjunction.com on your blog or social media, if your audience visits this website through your link you will get commission per visit. Which affiliate program pays commissions per click?


3.    Pay Per Lead:

This affiliate program little complicated because the affiliate must persuade the audience to visit the merchant’s website and fill out the contact form or sign up for the trial of the product or subscribe to the newsletter or download any software or file if the affiliate persuades the audience (customers) to complete any desired action like above affiliate will get a commission for per lead from the merchant. Very rare affiliates are doing this program.

Generally, affiliates are withdrawing their commission balance from the network via some of the online payment methods such as PayPal, PingPong, Payoneer, and stripe, and also you can transfer directly to your bank account. These methods are worldwide are accepted for withdrawal and online purchase. And then these are very secure and safe for your online money activities.   

Is Affiliate Marketing worth it? 

Affiliate Marketing


Before 2 to 3 years, I was fired by my company for unfair reasons at the same time I didn’t like to work in another company as an employee because I have enough skills and knowledge to start my Own business as well. Then I got an idea to start the restaurant business I obviously realized myself that’s not worth it to me because that need more money and a high risk to face my competitor without enough capital. For 3 months didn’t have any plans and also, I was losing hope, During sunset time I was scrolling my Facebook page for time passing with hot coffee while I got a post as to how to earn money online from home. And then I started to search about online business, finally, I got the way that affiliate marketing to make money online but I didn’t believe this would be suitable for me until found the answer to this question is is affiliate marketing worth it?

That answers are as follows:

1.    Passive income

Normally, people are ok with working a regular job, going back to the home in the evening or end of the day or maybe want to work until 4 am. Some of them really enjoying with their job and find professional fulfillment there.

However, they were facing financial problems when they decided to go to the party with wear a nice and sexy dress to attract the people or need money to buy gifts for their kids, girlfriend or boyfriend, wife, and some of the important people. No worries guys you will be a rich one as soon as after start affiliate marketing and it will help you to solve your financial problems. That means affiliate marketing offer you the ability to make money in your available free time. You can receive continuously money (as a commission) from your merchant when customers purchase products via your affiliate links over the following days and weeks until your website or social platform is active on the internet. Even you’re not in front of your computer, your marketing trick will be earning passive income.


2.    Work from home

If you hate to go to the office morning or difficult to care for your kids and your family from your company, affiliate marketing is the suitable solution for you because you don’t want to worry about time to take computer after finishing your all sort of work, just you need to focus on your merchant's products to promote with your marketing ability from your home at any time. And you will get more free time to spend with your family or friends, you can arrange and enjoy the party at any time without reminding your job.

If you feel to create a professional office for affiliate marketing in your home yourself without hassle and noising. No problem, this is yours you can do anything that do you want, but your family on your eye follow all the time.


3.    Freedom and Independent

Affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, and it also gives unbelievable income to build your rich life as well as.

No need to worry about the overtime work, rules & regulations, manager’s hassle and projects deadline so on. With affiliate marketing, you can do an affiliate campaign at any time you want, all time is yours, and if you want to make a family trip no need to think about affiliate marketing because you can able to do it from anywhere and anytime. Its independent job in the whole world.


4.    Less investment more income

Every business needs more money to start up but affiliate marketing is not like that just a small amount is enough to start up it. Even we can start with zero amount that will take a long time to earn commission because you can’t get the “.com” domain on free, hard to grow the social media population on your account, etc.

So, we need to spend some dollars to build the perfect affiliate marketing to make passive income. Many successful affiliates follow the suitable affiliate marketing course and if you need to make a review of any product, first of all, need to buy and know that’s features as well.

If you spend a good investment on affiliate marketing you will get proper knowledge and more audience on your website or blog and social media. If your platform has more population you can earn more money from affiliate marketing continuously.


5.    No need for further qualifications to start

Many people think if they want to start affiliate marketing they need to IT knowledge and any other proper qualification, that really worst though, because anyone needs to know something about business or any other software just google it we can learn enough knowledge or YouTube have everything to learn step by step. So, why do we need to think about that just leave it and if you want to know something to do for affiliate marketing, just learn it from anywhere after starting to do affiliate marketing you may know how affiliate marketing is profitable and easy.


6.    Cost-Effective

Affiliate marketing can be done with less cost which means affiliate marketing gets started up quickly and has no need to create any products or services. Beginning this line of work is relatively straightforward.

If you want to be a merchant that will be much cost, and product creation is expensive, by that time need to spend more money on marketing, tools, affiliate commission, and more. You will get quite a bit of income from that.

However, affiliate jobs are not hard, no need to pay any fee to the merchant, you can join free with an affiliate network to promote the merchant’s product without much hassle. Just need to make the best review or article to attract your audience to buy that product to earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is a very simple and low-cost business.


7.    No customer support

Individual or Company sellers offer the products or services to their customers and they are dealing with their customer’s satisfaction with what they purchased.

Affiliate marketing structure does not allow the affiliate to deal with customers satisfied. The entire job of an affiliate is to link merchants with customers, merchants will face other customers’ complaints and other deals after you get a commission from them.


8.    Performance-based Reward

Out site job, you could work more than 40-hours per week and still get the same salary. But affiliate marketing does not offer a salary like that, it is purely based on your performance and hanging your review skills, and writing an engaging campaign for direct improvement to your revenue. Finally will get paid a reward for what you did.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Affiliate Marketing

You got about affiliate marketing is from the above heading as well, it’s simple, elegant, and easy to do but every beginner feels affiliate marketing is so difficult to do because the exact reason is they don't have enough knowledge to do. Hence, all of the beginners must learn about affiliate marketing, even my all articles are enough for you all, but if you follow the best affiliate marketing guide programs from high experience full people that will be help you to make more sales and perfect knowledge within a few months. While sleeping without business headaches. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Affiliate marketing?

This heading is important to those who have a plan to start an affiliate marketing business, it will make everyone make a good decision to choose a suitable business online. Two and half years ago fluently, I didn’t know the whole pros and cons when I was seeking the way to do the business online while I was so confused and couldn’t get any ideas to start a business online. And then I got this affiliate marketing business myself from learning everything about affiliate marketing.

Practically, I faced more bad movements without knowing the pros of affiliate marketing. So, I think my experience will help you to give enough pros and cons to build perfect affiliate marketing without any problems with your audiences.

Key Pros and Cons of affiliate marketing as follows:


      ·         Passive income (while you take more off from it)
      ·         Low cost for start-up the business
      ·         Own business (like sole properties)
      ·         Flexible working schedule
      ·         No need to think about customers and product creations
      ·         Possibilities of earning High income (unlimited)
      ·         Independent (work from anywhere and anytime)
      ·         Easy and possible to start and make a commission
      ·         Mobile enough to start up it



  •         More competitions
  •      Income fluctuation from month to month
  •      Income withdrawing monthly wise
  •      Learning curve
  •      Quantity approach
  •      Some merchants are not allowed to promote their product 


Clearly, I have done with what is affiliate marketing and how does it work. Most people only know the affiliate programs but unfortunately, they do make lots of mistakes when they going to promote the like on their social platform or website, my advice is don’t start your affiliate business from short affiliate marketing vides or reviews of affiliate programs from YouTube that will make you kick off by your audience.

Anyway, affiliate marketing is worth it for all sorts of people who have the best knowledge about affiliate marketing as well. At the same time if you think about payment, on time all affiliate networks will be paid monthly-wise without any mistakes via possible ways.

I hope you guys that after reading this article, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the nature of this business and will be capable of evaluating this business to make the best decision if it’s the job for you.

Beginners must have more questions about how to start affiliate marketing, common affiliate marketing mistakes or problems, and also I will help you to choose the best niches. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask me I will be available all time for you.

If you see that I’ve missed or wrong or you disagree no problem I will discuss it all without the hassle you such as sending email, giving the links, or reaching you in irritating ways. I directly replay your questions.

Hope you have a great start-up affiliate marketing!

Good Luck



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