How to start Affiliate marketing?

People nowadays don’t want to lead their professional lives stuck in a work cycle from 9 am to 5 pm every day. In this age and era, many opportunities allow you to work on your terms and time – all the while making solid cash.

So, if you’re interested in making a strong, reliable, and consistent internet income for yourself – you’ve come to the right spot at the right moment. Basically, affiliate marketing means earning money as a commission by promoting merchants’ products and services (every day 1000 people are making the search on what is affiliate marketing and how does it work). Every business has structures to start up a successful business and online businesses also have like that. Hence, you must learn about affiliate marketing step by step orderly,

Why it's important to learn what is affiliate marketing and how does it work step by step?

you just think about your favorite game, I just choose the football game, you landed on the ground without any further bits of knowledge about football such as what is the football game, knowing the rules, following the best coach, training, positions, and location of players, and how to play football so on, you must not win maybe you will kick out from the match forever. So, want to follow the order of steps to win. Affiliate marketing same as this, you must know all the steps before you start affiliate marketing.

All step guides are available in my blog under Category > Affiliate Marketing, orderly. Here we are going to learn about the second step of affiliate marketing.

1.    How to start affiliate marketing for beginner

2.    How much money can I make as an Affiliate Marketer


How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginner

Generally, millions of people generate their income through affiliate marketing. But most of the people started affiliate marketing directly posting the merchant’s advertising images or ideas on their social media and blog without any marketing strategies. Keep your mind customer aware to purchase goods/services from affiliate so, you must write your blog post or social media post trustable ways.

Under this heading, we will learn 7 important steps to start affiliate marketing.

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Find the Platform
  3. Find the best affiliate program
  4. Create great content
  5. Bring traffic to your affiliate site
  6. Encourage to click on affiliate links
  7. Convert to purchase


Move 1: Choose your niche

Niche means category we selected to start promoting such as Travel, weight loss supplements, E-mail marketing, betting system, and internet marketing and E-business so on.

Especially, beginners follow the YouTuber’s short guide videos and start without any plans, enough traffic, marketing ideas so on. For example, if you promote health and fitness, keep going this same topic for a few months, and the second niche must be selected and posted on a separate account or blog that’s better for you because when customers check your post they are able to identify you are the expert in each category or not. Hence, they will be encouraged to purchase by them. If you are not concerned about such things customers can identify as an affiliate maybe they going to dislike you even you give the best reviews.

Niche is the best and the first key for open affiliate success. Specific niche helps you become an expert. every successful affiliate starts their affiliate business with their special knowledge such as if he is an expert on investment, they start to promote betting and investment program or they were an expert on the real estate, they start to promote home and garden or real estate broker. So, these are helping to gain audiences/customers' trustworthiness as well.

If you are not an expert in any category don’t worry, find the niche you’re interested in. Research it and learn everything about that you will have become an expert then after make professional reviews and gain more income from affiliate marketing.

Move 2: Find the Platform

The internet has lots of platforms to build your business but not suitable all platforms for affiliate marketing business because affiliate marketing runs through huge traffic that means if you want to build a shop that place must behave to live more people otherwise you can’t make bet sales and revenues. It same concept on affiliate marketing too.

Theoretically, social media is the best platform to do affiliate business because billions of people live on there every single day. My opinion is to start your affiliate marketing on blogs and bring the traffic to your blogs from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest Twitter, so on.

Choose your personal blog and join with other blogs such as Medium, Quora Tumblr Etc. here post your product/service reviews as an article then bring them to the traffic from social media.

For example, if you choose the weight loss niche to promote, you must post the best reviews on your blogs then bring the huge traffic from social Media by creating images or videos briefly and attractively about your review that will be encouraged to read more about it.

But not only this way to make more traffic on your blogs. There have many settings to build the blog such as SEO, Keyword, robots.txt Meta tag so on.

Another important platform is YouTube. It’s totally free to join, just creating and uploading the content to YouTube and adding an affiliate link in your description to visit your merchant site to buy those products/services. Nowadays, YouTube is one of the popular platforms to earn more money.

Move 3: Find the best affiliate program

This is the major thing in the affiliate marketing business. Many affiliate programs are not honest with affiliates. Sometimes they cheat the payment or deduct the commission for some of the fake reasons so on. Hence, we need to choose the popular affiliate program, maybe which will make the customer buy without any doubt on products/services.

Some of the authors divided this affiliate program into high-paying low-volume affiliate programs, low-paying high-volume affiliate programs, and high-paying low-volume affiliate programs. This is nothing to think about it to start an affiliate business. We need good income from affiliate marketing so we have to choose the best affiliate program.

There have many affiliate programs but the most popular and best 6 affiliate programs are below for beginners.

This is totally free to joint.

1.    Digistore24

2.    JV Zoo

3.    CJ

4.    ShareASale

5.    Shopify

6.    Amazon Associate

However, these really successful affiliate networks don’t worry about anything just go through the link to join with them.

Move 4: Create Great Content

If you create high-quality content where your affiliate links fit naturally that will help you to be a successful affiliate.

Don’t just blindly curate products from some other seller, go far away to make sure your content solves customers’ problems. Your content ideas must attract your customer to buy and be fans of you, did you get what I mean?

How? most of the affiliates say when you start to make a product's review as an affiliate, first of all, purchase the product and test it. It’s a really worse idea because if you purchase every products/service that will make you spend more money.

Just do simple things,

After choosing your niche search that Products/Services and get all details from them, finally create the best reviews about that products/services that must be overcome your all competitors, at the same time, after your customers read your review never leave your site without click the purchase button. Got it?

Move 5: Bring traffic to your affiliate site

Perfectly you have created the content. Now you need more people to read it, so you have to consider traffic strategies.

The first strategy is paid traffic, normally paid traffic merchant is doing on google ads or YouTube ads. That is not worth it for you because if you want money you have to sell their product through your popular platform. Hence, when you are getting more traffic on your platforms your affiliate business will be flying in the sky otherwise nothing. one of the trending ways to get traffic is to make advertising with a marketing strategy, you can gain more than $2500 per month after the immigrate people to your sites. Ads payment did not make you spend lots of money just a few bugs per month but you can gain more income. So, don't worry about these small expenses. The important thing, once you’re not paying for ads, your traffic will stop.

Secondly, strategy is SEO, it's called search engine optimization (SEO) and is useful for bloggers. About this topic, we will clearly talk about other articles because it’s too big and important to the blogger to get more traffic. SEO is the practice of optimizing pages to rank high in search engines like google and rank high in search engines for your keywords. About SEO is briefly, Understanding what your customers are searching for, Content creates of the topic (blog post, sale page so on).

Third Email list, email marketing keeps touch your audience with your daily content and you can bring your audience back to the site to buy the products/services. You can even send affiliate promotions to your email list directly.


Move 6: Encourage to click on affiliate links

You have amazing content does mean people will click the link. You must consider about few things.

Many of the beginners add their direct affiliate link bottom of the articles when readers find never ever interested to read your article. So, you must add your link middle or half of the page even better to add many places to your article. Keep in your mind hide your affiliate link behind your article words.

Let’s say you were writing an article on the best affiliate marketing course of $500.

An introduction should be like one by one word, that must link add a full sentence or two or more words.

Example: I am reviewing the best affiliate marketing course. It’s never working.

Link it fully like I am reviewing the best affiliate marketing course or I am reviewing the best affiliate marketing course.

Move 7: Convert to purchase

If you clearly did all moves above customers will click the purchase button without any doubt about your products/services.

In affiliate marketing, we have to do two conversions to make money. First, one clicks on the product page to know the merchant’s products/services. The second is to click the purchase button.

The key thing to convert to purchase the product is your review must include the answer to the customer’s questions about the products/services.

How much money can I make as an Affiliate Marketer?

How much money can I make as an Affiliate Marketer

This question like chilly but the truth is, no limit to earning money from affiliate marketing you can $0 to infinity!

Monthly earning capacity depends on what you chose the niches and how you work on it. If you work hard on affiliate marketing you can earn less income, if you work smart you can earn little big income, if you do both (smart & harder) you can earn more than $12,000 per month from each affiliate program. For example, if you join with a 5 affiliate program, your monthly total income is $60,000. (But your affiliate link living on your blog until you delete your content).

No need to talk about it because you can imagine how much can earn from affiliate marketing. 

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