How to enable Monetization on YouTube

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If people want to live with happiness they need money, the world changed like that. We can’t avoid that. However, we have to concentrate on earning more money. Even people have more ways to earn money but that does not work out 100% for all of them. Nowadays, YouTube is one of the best ways to earn lots of money like millionaires. But nobody needs further qualifications to do it. Just need some equipment, software, and ideas that’s all.

Read each paragraph without skipping, after you will finished reading this article. (Wait… wait… I think, couldn’t say it’s an article, it’s the guide for a successful YouTube channel) you would be open a YouTube channel. No doubt on it.

Caution: In this article, you will know briefly how YouTubers lie about when you search how to create a YouTube channel.


“One of the YouTubers earned $36,000 per month from YouTube. He explained it in an interview with crystal proof, he can earn more within a year but must need a better Guider like Matt Par and other Companies”

Hey… Buddy, we don’t want to waste time here, come to jump on the topic.

It’s a small motivation and advice to bring light on your future (If you don’t like it skip it, start to read the main topic)

I recommend this article for those who want to become a millionaire in the future and its works out for hopeful people only. Mostly, people know the way to become a millionaire. Unfortunately, their key problem is money. That means, they have the best plan to start up a business but they don’t have enough money to start up a business successfully. And the second problem is they know, how to earn money from the internet but here also have the problem is which business select to earn more money from the internet and how to develop that. So, I have the best solution for solving your all problems and achieving your goals. You can easily earn money from YouTube and after getting more money you can invest in other businesses and keep your marketing via Your YouTube channel. Did you get what I mean it?

For example, you have a restaurant business plan but don’t have enough money. While if you have the money you will start that business right? So listen, when you opened the YouTube channel you will be earning more money from your channel after 3 months. Normally you can earn $36,750 each month or more but it depends on your channel guider (Matt Par company can help you to gain half-million subscribers within a year and help you to earn more money too. We will know about them below). So, after a few years, you would have lots of money and you can start up your restaurant business as well as, at the same time, you can develop your business through adding Ads about your restaurant from your YouTube channel. Maybe you get the best ideas in the future more than it. If you follow my idea you must be a millionaire in the future. You would feel it from my idea, right?

Before starting it, everyone must know one important matter to succeed your goals.

That’s to say, you must believe yourself you can do anything to achieve your goal. And you must believe yourself you can do anything to achieve your goal. And you have to motivate yourself when facing failures or trouble. Then do not shut down your try at any situations.

In this present world, YouTube reflects as a superhero among Social media. You know why it's saving many people’s lives in many ways. The most important manner within it is to help earn money. Although, this planet still hashing plenty of skeptical people who can make money from YouTube. In reality, there are numerous success stories of people who have made their fortune money from YouTube. Maybe you heard about them. So, your name also wants to come on that list. Right? Don’t worry guys, we will follow the MattPar third-party company’s steps to get half-million subscribers within a year. I will give a review of this MattPar in my next article.

Their main role is helping to create YouTube channels and get more subscribers and views and earn money from YouTube (that’s why they are calling it Tube Mastery & Monetization course). Because, within you, all have lots of doubts about YouTube channel creations, earn money from YouTube, most people have a channel but not their content videos successful or not be viral yet, etc. they are clearing all of your questions about YouTube channels through Tube Mastery & Monetization course. In their official website were included their strategy, existing TMM members have to say and 6 models to create successful YouTube channels. Such as:

Module 1: Overview of the Blueprint

Module 2: Choosing a Niche

Module 3: Setting up Your Channel for Success

Module 4: Uploading Videos

Module 5: The Growth Module

Module 6: The Monetization Module

Module 7: Scaling Your Channel

If you want to be rich, just follow their steps to keep your YouTube channel more viral and win gold medals.

Anyways, here we are going to learn about these 3 elements below:

  1. Why do we have to choose YouTube for earning money?
  2. How to make money on YouTube? (What are the strategies to make money on YouTube)
  3. What are the things you need to start up the YouTube Channels?

1. Why do we have to choose YouTube for earning money?

Normally, everyone knows in this world the second social media is YouTube and History of YouTube too (14th February 2005 and first video uploaded on 23rd April 2005 by co-founder Jawad Kareem). In this heading, we discussed current users of YouTube and the average number of channel subscribers and most subscribes channels, etc. Present-day, if people want to know something about anything such as IT problems, Health issues, Monetizations, movies, and news, etc. first they open YouTube, not other social media or Google. Hence, we can say it, YouTube is half the internet, you know why? I am saying this, every month 1.9 million users log YouTube and 500 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

So, this is not the exact reason for earning money from YouTube. The reason is the population of viewers. Normally minimum earning amount from YouTube channel is $18 per 1000 ads views, which equates to $3-$5 per 100 videos views. One of the legendary 18 seconds of the film has been viewed over 126 million times. And 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube. In fact, nearly 43% of all global internet users access YouTube per month. Really it’s amazing, when I read this information I realized “we don’t need to seek money outside because our computer is giving multiple opportunities to earn money from home freedom”

The top picks of YouTube statistics are as follows:

  • YouTube users in 2012, up from 800 million and currently increased to 2 billion.
  • YouTube users access 62% of the U.S daily. This amounts to more than 122 million people.
  • Global-wide, users watch more than 1 billion of content every day. And visitors spend 16 minutes and 44 seconds on YouTube.
  • In the list of social media platforms, YouTube took second place, its users of count 2 billion-plus.
  • Most user from YouTube is from India. It has 225 million users and the United States follows, with 197 million. Then top 10 biggest viewers, the United Kingdom averages most views per person.
  • YouTube is most popular among people aged 15–35
  • Globally, more women than men use YouTube.
  • 96.6% of YouTube channels have fewer than 10,000 subscribers
  • Quarterly YouTube ad revenues are over $7 billion

Guys, normally you can be realized how much money you can earn per month from this above information. Please… Please… don’t lose your hope. do your best.

2. How to make money on YouTube? 4 Effective Strategies:

The first way to make money with YouTube is Ad revenue

It’s the most effective way to earn money on YouTube. We are calling it as YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Its means, we are not partnering with YouTube to make money. Just display the ads on each content or video content. I explained this in another article under how to apply to YouTube Partner Program in my Blog and what is the way it has to earn money etc. It really helps you to monetize from YouTube. If you want to know it, hit the link above.

The second way is Affiliate marketing.

It means some of the companies allow promoting their products and services for a commission on each sale of them. Then encourage your audience (viewers) to check out the products and services that you recommend by posting their products and services link on your description of your content. Then you will get the commission of each sale made through an affiliate link on the percentage of commissions. For Example: when you start the business by YouTube you must need the MAC or PC to edit the videos and manage that so on. Hence, you will post part of the YouTube videos or get your fans from other social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so on. You know, you can’t post pictures or videos on Instagram via Computer (MAC or PC). So, I have the best explanation about how to upload multiple images and videos on Instagram from Computer (MAC or PC) in my Blog and we can manage other social media too. However, there are available golden opportunities one is an affiliate program. You can earn money by promoting that service and get a 20% commission from every single sale, you are able to know that from my explanation.

The third way is sponsored videos

This one is don’t have to give the cut of earning from YouTube. This strategy is directly negotiating with brands and getting money directly from them. This is also a popular way to make money from YouTube for YouTubers.

The fourth way is to License Your content to the Medias

News outlets need to get their hands on a copy in order to replay from their audience. It will possible for viral videos. Fortunately, established Media are best sensible that they need to pay for what they use. Hence, you got another way to earn money on YouTube. This is another way to make money by YouTube as a content creator licensing your best work to the media. It can be simple and make sure, you are easy to find.

3. What are the things you need to start up the YouTube Channel?

YouTube is one of the best platforms for people to express their creativity, earn money, promote their business, and possibly even become a massive internet-famous celebrities.

Hey, guys if you search in YouTube how to create YouTube channels. Many YouTubers will be saying, you can create without a camera, PC or MAC, microphone, face and voice, editing software and video maker, etc… Etc… Etc… But not it’s all true. Impossible to create a channel without these all, you never gain more subscribers and views because people need to watch high-quality videos, even you also expect to watch 1080p HD quality videos also and your competitors posting professional and high-quality videos. So, your videos must be overcome more than their videos. You must follow the way to create a professional YouTube channel. Maybe you will get a doubt, YouTuber never says lying, why is he saying like this? Nope, you will be known after creating and developing your YouTube channel. Why they are saying that? And how they are making money with these videos etc. Anyway, guy, here let we going to know why this equipment (Hardware) and software are important to create and earn money on YouTube.

The first one is Hardware….

If you considering being an official YouTuber, there are several things you will need to prepare. The most important thing is essential to video equipment. But you don’t want to have technical abilities. Just need the right equipment, because people need to enjoy your content.

Normally, you could get away with using a smartphone. But you must keep in your mind that YouTube has become a very competitive space. So, here put some effort into the visual quality of videos to ensure that you get more views and subscribers. Many popular YouTubers use sophisticated video production equipment. And some YouTubers hire people for video creation and camera operators. You don’t need to waste your money and time, just you can do it yourself with all video production equipment. It is shown below:

  • PC or Mac
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Lighting

PC or Mac (laptop)

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

No need to talk too much about it because normally you know why it needs to create a YouTube channel. Even let me tell you something, the smartphone has video editing apps and other features to create a video but nor worth it for YouTube. Most YouTubers have Mac or PC (laptop) it is easy to edit videos and there has the best software to create the best visual videos. So, you must keep Mac or PC to get more views and gain subscribers.


Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash

Obviously, the most important piece of equipment is the camera for YouTube channels. But before you go to the camera store, know that you don’t have to buy more expensive cameras like DSLR. Just enough pretty much anything that can record high-quality video or at least 1080p. Mostly Camcorder or webcam would suffice to start channel. If you wish to buy the DSLR or mirrorless cameras no problem because it’s your investment for your new business. Remember, the kind of cameras you should purchase perfectly depends on the YouTube content you wish to create. Hence, you can choose any one of these types of cameras such as Camcorder, Webcam, action camera, mirrorless camera, and DSLR.


Photo by Daniel Brubaker on Unsplash

You must think about keeping your audience interested in your video content. But never video quality keep your audience interesting with your content. Because your audio quality needs to complement the video. Even if you record the HDR cinema 4K footage. And if you choose laptop or camera microphones, usually they have bad audio quality and couldn’t record effective sound and maybe the bad audio quality will be irritating the audiences. So, you understood the second important piece of equipment. Remember that before you purchase the microphone please remember all types of microphones such as USB microphone, condenser microphone, shotgun microphone, and lapel microphone.

Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer

Photo by 2H Media on Unsplash

Many people don’t use Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer. When you make the video or photo without these your footage never comes steady. Unsteady footage will make dizzy your viewers and might dislike your photo or video. If you want to be a professional YouTuber. Remember that, your video content must be professional. Otherwise, you never become a professional or successful YouTuber. Hence, Tripod or Gimbal stabilizer is a great tool for stabilizing your Videos or Photos. You can choose the suitable one for either of them to make the best production of YouTube videos.


Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Normally you know this equipment for what, sometimes your studio or room will be dimly lit area or indoor. So, maybe your face is not clearly shown in your video. Maybe you shoot your video and edit your video as well. Even it is not helpful because without video clear you can’t edit professionally your videos or photo. Anyway, guys, There has some types of lighting tools such as softbot, umbrella light, ring light, and on-camera lighting.

The second is Software…

This is very important to create a professional video. Many people are thinking if they want to use software they must have IT knowledge. Really it’s worse mind, software developers creating the software for all kinds of people can use easily and without any professional knowledge about that. Get out of your all bad thoughts right now because you are in the right place to be a rich and famous YouTuber in the whole world. Then some of the YouTubers have separate editing teams for their channel but it is more expensive to the beginner and low-level budget YouTubers. Anyway, I have some of the low-cost software collection for professional YouTube channels and to make quality videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Do not think about this software because it is famous video edit software. Many YouTubers use this software for professional video edit. So, highly recommended by top-level video creators. It has multi-level features and is easy to use also. It costs $9.99 per month and there are 7 days free trial versions available.

Video Creator commercial (unlimited)

Why I recommended this software is trending software for animated video creation without expensive software app, equipment, technical skills, and freelancer. You can provide world-class videos. Mesmerizing, engaging, and creating stunning videos in 3 steps.

Step #1

SELECT from 100 of ready to use templets

Step #2

CUSTOMIZE to make unique videos for your brand

Step #3

CREAT unlimited video forever

Guys their official website included all details, sample videos for the creation and many temples. So, guys just visit there and you will be understanding about it yourself. Its cost $49 one time price! And 30 days money back guaranty. But little expensive because they have more features and everything step by step. Most YouTubers bought and create successful video content.

Pixel Studio

Every Business, Marketer, Content Creator, YouTuber, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Social Media Agencies & Many Others on the Planet Needs This All-In-One Design Solution. You Must Be Wondering Why, Because It Has EVERYTHING You Need To Kickstart Your Very Own Profitable Design & Social Media Agency Business In Minutes! This developer has crazy no way to create like this software really awesome. I don’t want to say my mouth that going to visit their website and know that guys. Pixel studio has everything that does you need. It cost $37 onetime payment and 30 days money back guaranty available.

Video Gorilla

Yeah, this is the best one for creating marketing video software. If why I recommend this for YouTuber, marketing is not used only for the sale of the products. Actually, it’s used to attract people to your creativity, and it helps to create ads videos for your YPP. So, this trick will help the YouTube videos because if you create the video with marketing sense you would be gain more viewers and subscribers as soon as possible. I will explain the about marketing in my next content. Anyway, that can help you to create marketing videos without hassle, stress, or pricey software. Then make your marketing videos stand out by adding blockbuster animation style. Gorilla has classy Quality temples for marketing videos. Hence, you can make your YouTube videos stand out by adding blockbuster animation styles. HUGE Variety of “Kinetic & Dynamic” Style animated video elements in a Single Package. 100% Editable using only PowerPoint, NO More Video Software needed, EASY To Use & Customize without needing any advanced Design skill and Work SMART & Out of the Box to get your videos done in minutes. Everything is done for you and ready to use in 4 steps. PICK UP the best template you want, you can also MIX ‘n MATCH the animation from other Templates, EDIT the text/images/video. And then… EXPORT! And let the magic happen…

Your HIGH-QUALITY VIDEO with a personal touch will be ready within minutes. The cost is $37.97 and 14 days money-back guarantee and coupon are also available.

YouTube View Bot

UTube — Video Search Engine Ranker V3.0

This is the first software that made different than the other Traffic bot software’s You don’t get random clicks only, you get views and better ranking as well Looking to give your Videos a nice boost (or rank them!) or even promote your own brand? In either case, you have found the best software package that you won’t find anywhere! With Video Search Engine Ranker you can start sending views to your videos with any type of search keywords you want even if the search keywords have nothing to do with your video it still can attach it to your video, the software is made to break these things and rank the search keyword that you trying to rank 100% to your video, also you can put your video as video suggestions in any video you want and rank it. It has some features as follows: You can send unlimited different search keywords at one and other to your video, You can send traffic to your video as a video suggested from any video, You can send unlimited views (it depends on how many proxies list you load), You can set a timer wait between each video & watch time and Proxy / VPN Option. Only one more at $16.

The Video

Its video animation and graphic design software. Some of the YouTube channels need this like cartoon channels for kids or gaming channels etc. that’s why I recommended it. Mostly help to sale all kind of products. Like Beauty channel, course, stock market and IT solution channels need this software to make best antinational attractive videos. Visit the official website will you know more thing about that through the link above. It costs $29.17 and 30 days money-back guaranty.

Video Glories

It’s also pro-level video creator software. You can use which is suitable for your channel. Both have the best features what I am trying to say depend on your channel types. Got it? So, it has Sophisticated, Hollywood-Style, 3D Text Effects, and Full Fantasy Animation Videos Pack. User-Friendly and No Skills are required to Achieve Outstanding Results. You can get out from creating boring videos and unlikable videos. In Just 3-Easy Steps You Can Create Engaging Animated Videos that Will Amaze Your Audience, Click-Edit-Done. There are available amazing feature one but the thing is I couldn’t tell that because if I tell through the text you never understand that so you must visit and know that. It’s very helpful to gain more likers for your professional videos. Special offer! Extra 5% off use the coupon code when you visit the website. Costs $26.59 and 30 days money back guaranty.

I added extra software links you can click and know it is useful or not for you and your channel such as After Effects (create 2D, 3D, 4D, animationsisolate objectsphotoshop CS6 and TikTok Suite Software.

Finally done my article, I hope you guys my article will help you to earn money from YouTube channels. When you have done your videos through this software and Tube mastery and monetization guide. You must be rich in the future.

Please leave your comments about my article and follow me too. That will make me happier and boost me to write like these articles more. That is only the cost for me to spend more time writing like these articles.

Anyway, guys God bless you always to be a good and rich person in this world. Al the best for your new journey.

I” is just a letter but its sounds very important in every individual’s life to see the beauty of our planet. keep wider (I) to admire it.

See you then in the next article 

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