How to apply for YouTube partner program 2021 (YPP)

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First of all, you must know what the YPP is? It means the YouTube Partner Program and we can say it is part of the earning process of YouTubers. Here, YouTube and creators are sharing their revenue getting from YPP. For example, creators add the ads on their YouTube content videos, and viewers watch these ads, the money will be divided to the creator and YouTube such as 55% to the creator and balance 45% to the YouTube. Your 55% share may be more than $100,000 which depends on the creativity of ads how to attract the audience as well. So, I included some of the software for creating attractive videos in my other article end, under the heading “What are the things you need to start up the YouTube Channel (Software)”.

If you want to join this program, you must have the minimum requirements to apply such as Your YouTube channel should reach 1000 subscribers and earn 4000 hours of public watch time within a year. If you have YouTube channels, you don’t want to know about the channel creating. So, you need help to reach that subscribes and public watch time. Don’t worry, we’ve got the best resource to help you out. That is  they have more strategies and successful ways to earn more money and gain more subscribers. They help to gain half-million subscribers within a year. Hence, measurement of that is 500,000/12 = 41,666 subscribers per month, 41,666/1,000 = 42 days taking for reach to apply to YPP. And then if you haven’t a YouTube channel, I have the best article to create and run successful YouTube channels and Monetization ways.

Application methods to YPP

Finally, you are ready to apply to the YPP, right? Alright, after you create a YouTube channel.

Step #1

On YouTube studio, click monetization left navigation menu

Step #2

That will bring to the application page like on the picture, there available apply button.

Before you submit you have to clear the three steps such as agreeing to YPP’s term and service, setting up and connecting the Google AdSense account to your channel, and waiting for channel review and its decision.

Carefully read all documents and the important thing is checking of channel’s location setting.

YPP’s Extra monetization

Maybe you think he said can earn more money from YPP but how is it possible to earn more money from only this AdSense. Nope, there has extra monetization in YPP. That is as follows:

YouTube Premium revenue

It is automatic, which means that YouTube has loyal viewers (Premium members) when they are watching your video content, you will receive a portion of their subscription fee.

Channel membership

In order to sell channel membership to your subscriber. I.e. your fans opt in to pay you an extra amount. But you should have 30,000 subscribers.

Merchandise shelf

In order to sell merch from the creator’s merchandise shelf, you should have at least 10,000 subscribers.

Super chat

It's a monetary donation, you can get from your fans during the live stream.

Guys, if you want to earn money from these 4 ways, you must complete 18 years old. And don’t worry about 30,000 and 10,000 subscribers because  guider will help you to gain more subscribers and teach all these 4 ways and earn more money from YouTube. 100% guaranty they will help you to achieve your goal. Why I am saying, more people achieved their goals with them. If you have doubt on me no problem, just check their you will know yourselves.

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